Dominic Foppoli and Whitney Opperman are two friends who met in a vineyard and have been great friends ever since. Each bottle is a result of years of friendship, generations of family wine history, and a mutual love for great wine. The wine is made  for three select groups of people- ourselves, our family, and our closest friends. We hope you enjoy the wine as much as we enjoyed making it. Salute!

Whitney Opperman

“Whitney Opperman is the co-founder of Dom Whitney Wines. She was born and raised in Sonoma County and as a 5th generation Healdsburg resident, wine is in her blood. Her family wine history goes back over a century starting in Dry Creek Valley and later expanding into the Russian River Valley. While attending Sonoma State University, the Wine Business program was a natural fit. Whitney enjoys traveling to other major wine regions around the world to experience other wine-making styles and to expand her own palette. In 2010, after working many years in different aspects of the wine industry, Whitney co-founded the ultra premium wine brand Dom Whitney Wines in Dry Creek Valley.”

Dominic Foppoli

“Dominic Foppoli is the co-founder of Dom Whitney Wines. With over 100 years of grape growing in America and centuries of wine history in Italy, Dominic represents generations of family wine passion.  He is one of only a hand full of Americans to hold a Masters degree in the business of wine. Along with his favorite “middle child” Dom Whitney, Dominic is also the founder and owner of Russian River wine producer Foppoli Wines, Napa producer Benevolo Wines, and Sonoma County Beer producer Old Redwood Brewing Co.  Dominic is an active leader in the Russian River Valley Millennial Council which represents the face and voice of the next generation of wine in Russian River. Along with Whitney, Dominic is passionately involved in the youth service charity organization Active 20-30.”